I’m an enthusiast of procedural worlds creation based on seed, for example in my game “3 Boxes” all 1998 levels are procedurally generated where seed is the name of the level.

In previous life (10+ years ago) I used to be a film director and editor so my programming skills are focused around visual experiences. I know things about image processing, video compositing, animation, etc.

I consider myself a creative dev.


Swift, ARC, MRC, GCD.

SwiftUI, Collection view (with custom layouts), Gesture Recognizers, UIKit Dynamics, Motion Effects, Autolayout, Quartz Core, SceneKit, Core Animation, WatchKit, Watch Connectivity, ClockKit, Core Image (with custom GPU executables), Core Data, CloudKit, Core Motion, MapKit, SpriteKit, SiriKit, Core Bluetooth (background devices communication).

Selected Experience:

Senior iOS developer, Stanwood: 07.2018 – 07.2019

  • Personal training prototype app with 3D animations based on real world data (movement tracking)

Lead iOS developer, BlueBolt: 08.2017-02.2020

  • Smart home/office bluetooth based solutions

Lead iOS developer, NedSense LOFT b.v.: 05.2014 – 03.2016

  • Interior design AR app

iOS developer, inFullMobile: since 11.2012

  • Financial apps
  • Enterprise apps for marketing

iOS developer, Smartview360: 10.2010 – 01.2013

  • Database application for fashion companies sales management

iOS independent developer: since 2009

Invented, designed, developed and published more than 20 iOS apps (few million downloads from App Store). Examples: