Senior iOS developer, inFullMobile: 06.2017 – 10.2017

Lead iOS developer, ShootCapsule: 05.2016 – 05.2017

Lead iOS developer, NedSense LOFT b.v.: 05.2014 – 03.2016


iOS developer, inFullMobile: 11.2012 – 05.2014

  • Financial applications – iPhone based Wallet applications
  • Enterprise iPad applications for marketing

iOS developer, Smartview360: 10.2010 – 01.2013

  • iPad database application for clothing companies sales management

iOS independent developer: since 2009

Invented, designed, developed and published iOS apps, which have been downloaded few million times from App Store. Examples:


Swift, I’m no longer interested in working with Objective-C but I know it for historical reasons.

My favourite skill is to amaze user with original and dynamic UI, but I can do stuff invisible to the user as well (including clean Swift app architecture).

Mastered Apple API and Frameworks:

Collection view (with custom layouts), Gesture Recognisers, UIKit Dynamics, Motion Effects, Autolayout, Quartz Core (with 3D transforms, particles and reflections), SceneKit, Core Animation, WatchKit, Watch Connectivity, ClockKit, Core Image (with custom GPU executables), Core Data, iCloud and CloudKit, Core Motion (for Augmented Reality), MapKit.